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The Town Hall

Yeadon Town Hall was first built in the Victorian era. Itís planning and building used to be described as chaos. It is said that the Town Hall was supposed to be built in Guiseley.


When it was first built, many other large buildings surrounded it and it could not be seen from a distance, you had to go around some of the buildings to get to it.


The Town Hallís early life was situated in the middle of densely packed buildings. These buildings used to make up the cobble stone square that stands in front of the Town Hall today. This is where a bus-top, the back entrance to Yeadon Morrison's and the place for the Friday Market stands today.


Inside the Town Hall is grand. Underneath the carpet as you walk in is a large crest. There is a large theatre hall that has been re built and council rooms and offices. They once closed it down for a period of time not so long ago and petitions went out to re-open it and get it re-furbished.


Many events, such as fairs and tea parties take place on most Saturdays. The clock tower which dominates the high street - above this clock tower, there used to stand a statue. This was, however, taken town in the late Victorian era for reasons somewhat undocumented.

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The Town Hall

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