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Todayís Yeadon Town Hall has one grand conert hall. In itís earlier days it had two, and was an area centre for upmarket entertainment. The remaining concert hall has recently been re-furbished; showing many of itís finer details in glamour unseen for a long time.


Many concerts and plays were held here, especially in the times of the Victorians. Come Christmas time, pantomimes were very popular and the Town Hall held a different pantomime every year. Below is a exact interpretation or a advert for a ĎGRAND CONCERTí at the Town Hall, in the late Victorian era.

A common place of leisure was the Yeadon Tarn, which was subject to a grand and popular opening in the early Victorian age. The Tarn now consists of a large lake with fields and paths surrounding it; into woodlands and around the actual tarn. It is was very similar to what it is today.


Anyone could join the Yeadon Brass Band - who played at the Yeadon Tarn on summer days, and also performed concerts at the Yeadon Town Hall. Cricket was a common choice for both leisure and non-participantís entertainment. The Yeadon Cricket Club was founded in 1859.

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Leisure & Entertainment


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