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Yeadon Cricket Club

The above: The Yeadon C. C. Team in 1944

It is known that by 1850 cricket was a regular feature of Yeadon life. Scores of people played on Yeadon Moor, starting when the works closed on Saturday teatime and playing until the light became too poor.


Yeadon boasted 2 teams, Topenders and the Lowenders. The two teams decided to amalgamate at a meeting held in a hotel called the Old Victoria Hotel. They amalgamated under the name Yeadon United Cricket Club – “United” was dropped from their title some time later.


The new club’s opening seasons were played at Nunroyd fields, now know as Nunroyd Park. The 1850’s and the 1860’s saw rapid growth of cricket clubs in towns and villages throughout Yorkshire. In about 1865 the club moved its regular playing ground to fields behind the White Swan Pub.


The 1960’s and 70’s brought the most difficult period to Yeadon C. C. when it had trouble raising its funds that were vitally needed to continue existence. The 1980’s have seen Yeadon begin to climb back up to its former glories. By then, John Harker had joined Yeadon C. C. and was immediately appointed team captain. Also during this time, the club had a dedicated committee to keep funds constantly going.

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