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Transportation In Yeadon

Transportation In The Early Years

In common with the rest of the country, for centuries transport in Yeadon relied on horses. Products, raw materials and people were be transported by horse and carriage. In June 1777, the spate of road making was supplemented by the opening of the first section of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal that ran between Leeds and Gargrave.


People and goods were carried down this canal. As it was only the first section of it, goods were loaded and un-loaded at Apperley Bridge where a new turnpike road crossed the canal. In later years, the canal was used to transport limestone from the Craven district to make road repairs in Yeadon.


The most valuable information on roads in Yeadon of around this time is the document, quoted fully in Slater, setting out, ‘The Award of Wm Dawson’ Later on, Yeadon was introduced to motorbuses and trams were introduced. In 1909, Leeds extended its tram ways to Green Lane, Yeadon, and it was now possible to ride to the centre of Leeds.


Later, in 1777, the tram route was extended down Oxford Road Guiseley to the White Cross. Again in the same year the Council advertised for a road foreman at £1.30 per a week. The following year street names and house numbers were provided. While Yeadon & Guiseley were booming  lots of complaints were being made about the state of the roads. After all, they were made of limestone. Experiments were then made with new drainage methods and new road surfaces.

There used to be a train line going through Yeadon and where the line was can be seen next to Ss. Peter & Paul’s primary  school. It is now a public footpath. The old Yeadon Train Station was mostly used for industry – the only passenger trains were specials. The first ever train to leave Yeadon train Station held 500 people and left the station in 1905. The following Year, trains started to take passengers from Yeadon To Blackpool. The line was closed in 1966.

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